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New announcements from the Universum Hengststation!

Champ´s first foal has been awarded.

Our first foal of our Holstein Stallion Champ - who participated in May of this year as the youngest participant in the finals of the Hamburg Derby - is exceptional. A big and at the same time very noble colt with excellent conformation and outstanding movements.

Sire Champ and Dam Luzi - who is also the Dam of our coloured stallion Universums Knock-Out - have given all their best attributes and quality to the foal.

The colt has now beeing awarded as a premium foal of ZFDP - Zuchtverband für Deutsche Pferde.

Dam Luzi is again in foal - we expect the next Champ foal in March 2008.

Eintrag vom: 24.08.2007

Nock-Out approved by ANSF Association Nationale du Selle Francais

We have just been informed that Nock-Out has been approved by ANSF Selles Francais. Nock-Out now is being approved as a breeding stallion in one more international breeder association with excellent reputation. We are very proud especially as we know that the Selles Francais has set very high measurements on the approvals of the stallions.

Eintrag vom: 24.08.2007

Nock-Out is back and got placed in Grade M (1,40m) and Grade S* (1,50 m) show jumping competitions

As already reported, Nock-Out was standing for a period of more than 6 months in an official semen collection centre for semen collection and afterwards he got trained for almost 4 months in order to participate again in Grade S - show jumping competitions.Following the results:

29.6. - 1.7.2007
2nd place Grade M - 1,40 m

Oldenburg Landeschampionat Rastede
18.7. - 22.7.2007
Place 8 - Grade S* - 1,50 m

3.8. - 5.8.2007
Place 2 - Grade M - 1,40 m
Place 8 - Grade S* - 1,50 m

More results will follow.

Eintrag vom: 24.08.2007

Champ - the youngest horse in the finals of the German Jumping Derby in Hamburg

Champ has finally proven his class at the Hamburg Derby 2007. He convinced all the world in the stadium and TV that he "is made for the big sport".

After a very good clear round in the qualifications he got placed 9th and was automatically qualified to start as the youngest horse in the finals of the Hamburg Derby 2007.

In the finals of the "most heaviest show jumping competition of the world" Champ showed a great performance.

Following please find a link to a video of him participating in the finals:


Please copy and past the link and enter it in your internet browser.

Eintrag vom: 14.06.2007

Champ has been placed 4th at the Braunschweig Löwenclassics 2007

Champ was placed 4th after an excellent clear round in a show jumping competition Grade A ( German Grade S**) after his successes of the day before when he has win and also placed 9th in two show jumping competitions Grade M/A.

Following please find a link to a video of him participating in the S** competition in Braunschweig:


Enjoy the video.

Eintrag vom: 14.06.2007

Nock-Out in training again

Finally Nock-Out is in training again.

After more than half a year standing at the EU semen collection center - collecting frozen semen for USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and all european countries - Nock-Out has started to practise again.

We think it will take a while - may be a couple of months - until he will have his old performance - but then we will see him again competing in the most important shows.

Eintrag vom: 14.06.2007

Coloured stallion Nekoma - Nock-Out´s Sire - unfortunately passed away

The in the year 1981 born coloured stallion Nekoma passed away after suffering a heavy cholik.

Already as a seven year old he participated in Hamburg at the Derby. Later he was jumping several times more than 2,20 m in heavy jumping competitions.

In 1986 his later rider Jürgen Kenn saw him for the first time in an international competition in Hachenburg. Especially because of his exceptional appearance Nekoma had a big fan community. The exceptional his appearance was, the exceptional was his will to win.

In 1988 Nekoma got graded by ZFDP.

Also in breeding Nekoma was very succesful and prouced great sporthorses who are succesful in show jumping competitions up to Grade A .

Nock-Out - our coloured sport stallion, who already has a lot of winnings and places in international Grade A show jumping competitions and who already has own lifetime winnings of more than 5500 Euros goes directly in the foot steps of his Sire Nekoma and we believe that Nock-Out will exceed Nekomas success and life time winnings shortly.

Nock-Out is currently the most succesful Nekoma son and at the same time the international most succesful active coloured sport horse - in our opinion even wordwide.

Currently we offer frozen semen of Nock-Out for world wide shipment. We have also stored frozen semen in Germany, Uk, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa for immediate delivery.

Nock-Out produces great foals with the same good charakter of him and the will to win. About 87 % of his foals are coloured even if the used mares have been solid coloured.

Eintrag vom: 20.01.2007

International Adventsturnier in Dresden (CSI)

Champ was placed 5th after a clear round in the Grade S* show jumping competition - Mitteldeutsche Tour - Preis der Molkerei Niesky - Champ´s 14th Grade S* placing since May 2006.

Eintrag vom: 12.12.2006

Chrismas competition in Salzwedel - Champ again placed in a Grade S show jumping competition

At the Chrismas competition in Salzwedel Champ again presented himself very good and was placed 7th in a Grade S* show jumping competition - his 13th Grade S-placing this year.

Eintrag vom: 12.12.2006

Marcel Buchheim on Champ - Winner of the Grenzland Tour 2006

Again Marcel could win the Grenzland Tour.

In Grasleben - the 6th and last station of the Grenzland Tour - our 7 year old Holstein Stallion Champ was again placed in Grade S* show jumping competition and has secured the total win of the Grenzland Tour 2006 for his rider Marcel Buchheim.

Marcel has win the Grenzland Tour for the 4th time after 2003, 2004 and 2005 and qualified for the participation at the CSI Dresden in December 2006 as well as for a Grade S** show jumping competition in Braunschweig.

Marcel Buchheim " Champ is for me the No.1 horse. I really can rely on him. Next year I can go more heavy show jumping competitions with him "

Champ - who already Saturday was placed in a Grade S* show jumping competition - achieved his 12th Grade S placing on Sunday in the finals of the Grenzland Tour.

Champ not only convinces by his performance - he also gets more and more impressive in his appeareance. Also here a lot of breeders booked Champ for the next breeding season.

We wish Marcel and Champ all the best and lots of successes in the near future.

Despina Franzke und Thomas Sikora

Eintrag vom: 12.12.2006

Champ continues his success series in Lüchow Danneberg

Again Champ has proven his extraordinary show jumping talent.

In Lüchow-Dannenberg Champ has been placed 3rd in the finals of a Grade S* (international Grade A) show jumping competition.

After a clear round and an extremely good time Champ could only be beaten by two participants after taking over the leadership in that competition for a long time.

Champ achieved his 10th Grade A placing of his young carrer in Grade A show jumping competitions which began in May 2006.

We would say that this already is an extremely good performance for a 7 year old Holstein stallion.

We will be very proud to continue reporting on Champs succesfull performances.

Eintrag vom: 19.09.2006

Grenzland Tour in Etingen,Germany - Champ has been placed again in GradeA show jumping competitions

On Friday, the 28th of July 2006, our Holstein Stallion Champ has been placed again after a clear round in a Grade M/A show jumping competition. Only a few seconds were missing in order to win the competition.

We are very happy about the 2nd place.

The following day Champ tried to continue the success series of the past week in Vorsfelde. Champ started at the Grand Prix of Etingen - one station of the Grenzland tour - and was jumping again extremely good. Unfortunately he made a very small mistake in the first round so that he couldn´t qualify for the finals. Only 6 pairs ( out of 58) could qualify for the finals.

But anyway - Champ has achieved with his 13th place one more placing in a Grade S* (international Grade A) show jumping competition - Champs 9th Grade S* placing in 11 competitions.

Marcel is because of the great performance of Champ and Nock-Out still on the 1st place at the Grenzland Tour.

We will keep all fingers crossed for his next competitions on the Grenzland Tour.

Eintrag vom: 19.09.2006

For the first time we offer frozen semen of our Elite Pony Stallion Night-Cup for export.

A lot of interest from abroad has lead us to the decision to offer frozen semen of our Elite Pony Stallion Night-Cup for export - in the beginning we offer frozen through our network of agencies in Australia and USA.

We hope to see a lot of great Night-Cup foals in Australia and USA in the future.

Eintrag vom: 24.07.2006

Worldwide Interest on Frozen Semen of our coloured stallion Nock-Out

We decided to send Nock-Out on July 24th, 2006 to WM-Gestüt, Reeßum for semen collection and freezing.

We are very pleased to see so much interest of breeders worldwide and to receive orders from all over the world - like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe .

At WM-Gestüt , an official EC Semen collection center, Nock-Out´s semen will be collected and frozen and will be shipped to our customers worldwide.

The date is a bit unlucky as we have to take Nock-Out out of competition but on the other hand the breeding seasons in countries like South Africa, Australia and New Zealand already start in September. We are very happy to do our best in order to satisfy our customer requirements on time for the coming breeding season.

We would like to thank our breeders from all over the world for their interest in Nock-Out and for the incoming orders and we wish all of them a great breeding season and lot´s of outstanding Nock-Out foals in the near future.

Eintrag vom: 24.07.2006

Champ wins Grand Prix of Vorsfelde

With an outstanding performance and clear rounds Champ wins the Grand Prix of Vorsfelde - one of the heavy competitions of the Grenzland Tour.

44 pairs have been on the start and only 4 qualified with a clear round for the final.

Champ succeeded and win the Grand Prix.

In total Champ has been placed seven times and has one win in ten Grade A show jumping competitions - a great performance for a seven year old horse.

Eintrag vom: 24.07.2006

Universum´s Knock-Out - our coloured stallion - again convinces by great performance

Our coloured performance stallion Nock-Out is again very successful this year.

Several times he was placed in show jumping competitons Grade L, Grade M and M/A, and has mutiple places and finally a win in Grade S* show jumping competitions.

Below please find Nock-Out´s show records 2006:

26.02. Gänseurth Grade L Place 7
26.03. Vorsfelde Grade L Place 13
30.04. Greppin Grade M Place 5
01.05. Greppin Grade M Place 2
13.05. Calvörde Grade M Place 8
14.05. Calvörde Grade S* Place 4
19.05. Wörmlitz Grade M. Place 5
20.05. Wörmlitz Grade S* Place 4
21.05. Wörmlitz Grade S* Place 6
24.06. Oschersleben Grade S* Place 4

Nock-Out wins the Grand Prix of the Landeschampionat in Könteritz

09.07. Könderitz Grade S* 1st. Place

Nock-out´s FN life time winnings have exceeded 5.000,00 EURO.

Eintrag vom: 21.07.2006

Champ - our young Holstein Stallion - has already been placed 7 times in 8 heavy Grade S* show jumping competitions

Champ - who has been graded in April 2006 - beats all expectations.

In 8 Grade A show jumping competitions he was already placed 7 times - 2 times placed 2nd.

We know about the oustanding jumping talent of our stallion and we are absolutely convinced that he will reach the goals shortly.

We are very much delighted that Champ has been placed for the first time in his life in an international Grade A show jumping competition at the CSI Redefin where Champ presented himself very well to the international public. He was recognized as a well trained and ridden horse with good manners and outstanding jumping qualities.

Below please find Champ´s show records of this year:

26.02. Gänsefurth Grade M placed 6th
08.04. Prussendorf Grade M placed 7th
29.04. Greppin Grade M/A placed 3rd.
12.05. Calvörde Grade M/A 1.Place
13.05. Calvörde Grade S* placed 4th
19.05. Wörmlitz Grade S* placed 4th
20.05 Wörmlitz Grade M/A placed 3rd
03.06. Prussendorf Grade S* placed 2nd
17.06. Wismar Grade S* placed 5th
18.06. Wismar Grade S* placed 2nd
24.06. Oschersleben Grade M/A placed 3rd
25.06 Oschersleben Grade S* placed 5th
15.07. CSI Redefin Grade S* placed 9th

Champs FN lifetime winnings have been increased by 2081 EURo (2006) to 3.534,00 Euros in total.

Eintrag vom: 21.07.2006


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